On Air With David Duane Live: Dana Chanel & Prince Donnell Talks Christian Entrepreneurship | Generational Wealth | Co-Founders & More

Dana and Prince Donnell are multi-millionaire Christian entrepreneurs that started out in poverty that is dedicated to spreading wealth to the Christian community by providing opportunity, knowledge and resources to build businesses. Breaking generational curses of poverty, they put her family in position to run their companies as they build legacy together. The first company to gain international success was the Sprinkle of Jesus app, a media company which Dana then began to branch off to need-based businesses and build an empire of profitable sources of income. . This couple travels the country teaching their strategy and family building dynamic that provides them with a life, spiritually and financially wealthy.

Dana Chanel is an 26 year old social influencer that is created a distribution stream for women to sell their products across the world via @ www.CurlBible.com and or via their own Application with Alakazam Apps. Dana is also the creator of the App Sprinkle Jesus.

Dana Chanel and Prince Donnell, are the founders of the first ever, largest, fastest growing, black-owned, tax corporation in the country, called  Jumping Jack Tax. They also recently launched their own cologne & perfume on Valentine’s Day called “Cofounders”. Checkout our latest & exclusive interview with Dana Chanel & Prince Donell!