Exclusive Interview: Inayah Lamis Discuss Debut Album “S.O.L.A.R” | Social Media Success | & More w/ @MFWERadio

Rather than traffic in an existing highway, Inayah boldly chose to pave a new lane as a singer, songwriter, mother, businesswoman, and boss. As a result, the songstress ventures outside of the box and envisions a genre of her own represented by the title of her debut album, S.O.L.A.R.—an acronym for Storytelling Over Lyrics and Rhymes. Born and raised in Houston, TX, Inayah fell in love with music as a young child, inspired by the likes of Anita Baker, Johnnie Taylor, Aretha Franklin, and The Clark Sisters. Following an ill-fated deal at the age of fourteen, she made a name for herself by performing at countless competitions and talent shows throughout the Houston area. In 2014, she took a job writing songs for a jingle company in between posting videos of covers on her social media. 2018 saw all of this quiet dedication pay off in a big way when Inayah took to Instagram for her take on Ella Mai’s “Boo’d Up” (1.7M views.) It didn’t just go viral; it exploded. Her followers mushroomed from a little over 3,000 to 1.6 million-plus as her impassioned audience grew to include the likes of Tiffany Haddish, Jamie Foxx, Maxwell, and many more. Flooded with major label offers as her star rose, Inayah once again retained control of her destiny. Staying independent, she opted to partner with EMPIRE and set the stage for the December 2019 release of her debut album S.O.L.A.R. (already at 28.5M streams) featuring the smash singles “Best Thing” (6.3M streams; 3.5M views) and “Suga Daddy” (4.6M streams; 7.6M views.) The album has been highlighted by VIBE, Refinery29, PopSugar and Earmilk. Inayah is now gearing up to release her intimate docuseries LEVELS, which offers a behind-the-scenes look at her journey thus far. Checkout our new & exclusive interview with Inayah.

Exclusive Interview: Tank Discuss “While You Wait” EP, “Elevation” Album, R&B Music, Upcoming Projects, & More w/ @MFWERadio

The world is currently enjoying at-home concerts, IG parties and much more.  The R&B General TANK locked himself in his home studio and has delivered a six-song feel-good EP for R&B lovers.  Tank gives us While You Wait via R&B MONEY to further his commitment to keeping the genre alive and thriving. The piano-based EP is written, produced, and performed by Tank. This intimate body of work brings the crooner closer to his fans, who’ve been waiting for his special blend music. 

The lead single “Perfect” celebrates the imperfections that make us all unique.  Whether it’s the crooked smile or a little cellulite on the thighs, “Perfect” is about finding and celebrating that beauty.  The leading champion of keeping R&B music in the conversation among music lovers, Tank has consistently released chart-topping hits like “When We,” “Dirty” and “I Don’t Think You’re Ready” off his recently released albums SAVAGEand ELEVATION respectively.  In addition to the release of this new EP, Tank is also tantalizing fans’ appetite via his socials with “Tank Tales” and “R&B Money LIVE.” Checkout our latest & exclusive interview Tank now:

Exclusive Interview: Bren Joy Discuss Debut Album “Twenties | Musical Influences | & More w/ @MFWERadio

Nashville-bred artist Bren Joy offers a unique urban pop style to his music, interweaving influences from various genres, including gospel, R&B, hip-hop, jazz, and pop. His debut project Twenties, which released last May, is an ode to self-love, offering honest insight into the emotions and experiences one may encounter during the start of their 20s. Bren has performed as support for Jhene Aiko, Megan Thee Stallion, and more, and he’s definitely someone to be on the lookout for in 2020!

Bren Joy was born and raised in Nashville and started writing music at the start of 2018. He released his first three singles (“Henny in the Hamptons,” “Scottie Pippen” and “Twenties”) in that year and they all earned prominent placements on editorial playlists and attracted a growing fanbase for the budding artist’s career.

In May of last year, Bren released his debut project, Twenties, an eight-song track list that embodies the new era of burgeoning youth blasting onto the scene. Twenties merges his love of gospel, R&B, hip-hop, jazz and pop all into one. It touches on the different emotions and experiences encountered during the beginning of your 20s, while conveying an underlying theme of hope and self-love. It embraces the musical culture we are in now, while highlighting something completely new.  Bren continues to forge his own path with his prolific songwriting and distinctive amalgam of musical styles and sounds. 

Exclusive Interview: D. Muñoz Discuss “Moments” EP | Infusing Pop & R&B Music | & More w/ @MFWERadio

Influenced by Justin Bieber’s superstardom, Bryson Tiller’s dynamic R&B/soul, and Shawn Mendes’s songwriting abilities, D. Muñoz hit the studio and recorded his first single, “Wait,” a fusion of R&B, dancehall, and trap, which he released independently in 2017. He followed that up with “Love Me,” a tender R&B song about missing an ex. What followed was a deep dive into his relationship with his “Love Me” muse. The result was the lovesick, R&B/soul-heavy EP Until Next Time, an effort that peaked on the iTunes R&B and Soul chart at No. 7. When the video for “Love Me,” which has garnered over 4.6 million views, dropped in February 2018, Muñoz cemented his place in the industry as the budding heartthrob of Colombian and Dominican descent with impeccable vocal range and a sweet, slick inclination.

Muñoz signed to Triangle Offense/Epic Records in April of 2018 and is now preparing for the release of his first major label EP, Moments, due out in early 2020. Focusing on “the moments that define us and make us grow,” says Muñoz, the EP explores lust, longing, and loneliness, and sees production from Jorgen Odegard (Pink, Imagine Dragons).

“Drink,” the first single off of Moments is a soulful groove about being intrigued by a girl on the prowl. The track, produced by Connor McDonough, is the perfect first outing for his new project, says Muñoz. He also attributes part of his growth as an artist to McDonough, who helped him achieve stronger vocal performance. His enriched lyric tenor shines through on the smooth “A Lil Nothin,” which samples Maxwell’s 1996 hit “Sumthin’ Sumthin’” and “Comfort,” a synth-soaked jam about coping with being alone. “I dove deep into my vulnerability for these songs,” says Muñoz, adding that he’s looking forward to performing them live and showing off moves he learned from choreographer JaQuel Knight, who has worked with Beyoncé and Britney Spears.

Raised by a single mother, Muñoz was brought up to value hard work. However, after signing his record deal, he felt he was playing a waiting game. “I wanted to release music fast,” he says. “Social media plays a big role in my impatience because I have a fanbase who ask for new music all the time. I didn’t want them to give up on me. But, spending a year working on this project has made me appreciate every moment and each record. It’s shaped me into the artist I am now. I want to have a 10+ year career in music, break records, win awards, take care of my family, and be one of the most successful artists of my generation.” Checkout our latest & exclusive interview with D. Muñoz.

Exclusive Interview: Christian Paul Discuss Debut EP | R&B Influence | & More With @MFWERadio

On Christian Paul’s upcoming single “Chapter,” he sings like a seasoned soul-R&B artist. The 20-year-old singer/songwriter endured many obstacles with his 2020 debut EP, Christian is geared to maintain authenticity while entering the next chapter i​n his career. Growing up in The South, young Christian was musical from the start. At four years old, he learned to play the drums, followed by the piano, bass, and guitar. His father, a former hip-hop dancer, taught Christian how to dance and it wasn’t long before he was performing at family parties. By 12, as a result of what he thought was an opportunity of a lifetime, Christian was locked in a stiffly binding contract. In an attempt to get out of it, ​his first call to a lawyer proved to be a serendipitous one, as the lawyer was coincidentally the best friend of the person holding Christian under contract. Within a few short phone calls, he was freed.

Christian began aggressively pushing his craft, releasing clips of original songs and covers on Instagram, by way of singing into the Garage Band app on his iPhone. The collection reached his soon-to-be management team at SRP, known for discovering and signing the indomitable Rihanna. They later linked with Steve Bartels and Doug Morris of 12Tone to sign Christian, and the rest was history.

Christian released three singles: “When Love Don’t Love You Back,” “Strong,” and “Rewind,” all showing the soulful angles of his musical personality, though for Christian he simply wasn’t connecting to his own peers. Raised on the likes of Curtis Mayfield, Otis Redding, and D’Angelo, Christian had the soul in him, yet he struggled with crafting music that could effectively connect to today’s popular audience. He took it back to the drawing board, aligning with songwriters/producers Bibi Bourelly, Daecolm, Ebenezer, and Glashaus to uncover a new sound within him.

The song is harmoniously rooted in love, as Christian coos, “you’re my favorite page in this chapter, I go over and over again.” It’s an open book of romance, grounding the airy production with soulful, tangible vocals that travel along a vein of love and affection, while still showcasing the dawn of a rising star who finally has his chance to shine. It took enough leaps and bounds, but Christian Paul is ready for the road ahead, with one clear mission to bring the old school and the new school together. “I had to marry those two worlds,” he says, “and while it took a little bit of time, we’ve finally accomplished that.” Checkout our latest & new interview with Christian Paul.