Elijah Blake Discuss ‘Shadows & Diamonds’ | Upcoming Tour & More with @MFWERadio – @EssenceFEST 2015


Very few artists are just as good at creating amazingly vivid and passionate scenes with their voices, as they are with their words—Elijah Blake, is one of the few. Standing a part from the manufactured acts produced by today’s entertainment industry, Elijah Blake is a refreshing dose of vocal and dancing ability, hit song writing talent, and personal conviction that icons are made of.

Born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Palm Beach, Florida, Elijah was surrounded by talent. His mother and father were no strangers to music, being avid participants in church and his childhood friends all boasted either singing or dancing abilities beyond their years. “Everybody wanted to make it. Everybody wanted to be somebody special.” In an area riddled with crime, Elijah, with guidance from his mother, struggled to stay out of trouble. Soon, his talent would find him a way out of trouble and onto a stage. Checkout our latest interview with Elijah from the Essence Festival 2015.



Brave Williams Discuss “Fearless” EP & More with @MFWERadio – @EssenceFEST 2015




Brave Williams embraced her musical talents, having already started her musical career when cast as a lead singer for the MTV Reality show, Diddy’s “Making The Band”. Although she was subdued from the reality show by the struggle of her father’s diagnosis of prostate cancer and early signs of dementia, her talent was still destined for success, which she earnestly grappled for. After three years of development and hard work, Brave co-founded an all-girl group which she named Richgirl. Richgirl landed a major deal with Jive Records. The group instantly created Billboard hits including their first singles “24’s” and “He Ain’t Wit Me Now.”
She continues to strive beyond what’s expected of her, by setting aside time for those less fortunate through Associated Black Charities (ABC), as well as her own personal philanthropic missions. Ceaseless and relentless, with the voice and fuel to light up a city, an independent, unstoppable, fire-driven Brave is now unleashing her full potential on her upcoming EP, “FEARLESS”

Kenya Discuss Overseas Success w/ ‘My Own Skin’ Album & More with @MFWERadio – @EssenceFEST 2015


Kenya is a richly inspired vocalist/songwriter whose jazz-kissed soul style is wooing admirers simultaneously in the U.S. and U.K. Ironically, her lyrically captivating compositions almost never made it to the ears of the public. Kenya’s life roles as wife and mother of two sons plus working for over a decade as a clinician and educator nearly eclipsed her vision of herself as a viable artist bearing valuable musical gifts. Now—thanks to her reinvigorated relationship with God, the support of her family and counselors that cosmically expanded her viewpoint on life purpose—Kenya shares her first full-length CD, My Own Skin on her label, KenyaMJ Music. Time invested finding herself has resulted in songs informed with wisdom first gleaned for self that will be balms of insight and comfort for others.

Based in Chicago, Kenya released her debut version of My Own Skin in the UK/Europe on March 15, 2015. The album peaked at #1 on the UK Soul chart for four consecutive weeks (she knocked out Charlie Wilson from the #1 spot). My Own Skin reached #1 on both the Solar Radio Gary Spence Sweet Rhythm chart and the Colourful Radio chart for two consecutive weeks. Checkout our latest interview with Kenya from Essence Festival 2015.



dumblonde Talks Independent Label, Creative Direction, & New Music

 Dumblonde Cover Art_TuneCore

dumblonde Talks Independent Label, Creative Direction, & New Music

Interviewer: david duane

     My Fierce Wings Radio: Who’s dumblonde?

dumblonde is an independent alternative Dance/Pop duo created by singer/songwriters Aubrey O’Day and Shannon Bex formerly of the multi-platinum, international, chart topping female group Danity Kane. The girls were discovered on the hit MTV show “Making the Band”, and grew to be noted in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the only girl group to have two number one consecutive albums on Billboard. In their ten years sharing the stage these two formed an unbreakable bond while touring the world with many artists, including opening for the Black Eyed Peas, Backstreet Boys, and Christina Aguilera. Their indie pop debut has strong dance and alternative influences reminiscent of acts like The Ting Tings, and La Roux. The combination of their iconic blonde appeal, transcendent harmonies and powerful stage presence is a style unique only to Dumblonde.

Interview time ….

My Fierce Wings Radio: First off, Congratulations to you both for the amazing success and now to this incredible brand – dumblonde, what has been the best part with this experience so far?

Dumblonde: Thank you! The entire creative process has been refreshing and a creative challenge. We continue to push ourselves in new directions without settling for the first idea or thought.

My Fierce Wings Radio: Great branding and marketing with dumblonde, how was the process for this new venture?

Dumblonde: Thank you! When we decided to move forward together we knew we wanted to create an authentic brand that embodied us not only as a collective but individuals. Though we seem very different we share a lot of the same ideas and views we just have unique journeys. Something we were able to explore in the studio when writing the songs with Radio & Candice Pillay.

My Fierce Wings Radio: What are y’all personal favorites from the album?

Aubrey: Tender Green Life

Shannon: Love Blind

My Fierce Wings Radio: Let’s talk about live performances and the preparation for a dumblonde concert? What gets y’all ready?

Dumblonde: When we started the stage show we scrapped 3 versions. It had to be right! We were determined for it to fit the dumblonde branding. Which is challenging to do when adding in dance and visuals. It could look wrong quick. However our Choreographer Miguel Zarate has such a creative approach and thought process when he works. Once the 3 of us knew a moment/movement was right we embraced it. Step by step creating an amazing show! The stage is where we thrive!

My Fierce Wings Radio: A lot of people are always confuse as to why once major artist go independent – can y’all explain why it’s been the best decision for y’all?

Dumblonde: We like to have our hand in everything! Our business to creatives from directing, editing, styling….EVERYTHING! Many times when a label steps in they take over aspects that leave the artist feeling unauthentic to their art. We didn’t want any boundaries! Being independent (though we have a distro through Caroline/Universal) we remain free to move our business and brand the way we see fit, we are the label. It brings us that much closer to the process and to our fans. Which is what we care about the most!

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