Exclusive Interview: Tank Discuss “While You Wait” EP, “Elevation” Album, R&B Music, Upcoming Projects, & More w/ @MFWERadio

The world is currently enjoying at-home concerts, IG parties and much more.  The R&B General TANK locked himself in his home studio and has delivered a six-song feel-good EP for R&B lovers.  Tank gives us While You Wait via R&B MONEY to further his commitment to keeping the genre alive and thriving. The piano-based EP is written, produced, and performed by Tank. This intimate body of work brings the crooner closer to his fans, who’ve been waiting for his special blend music. 

The lead single “Perfect” celebrates the imperfections that make us all unique.  Whether it’s the crooked smile or a little cellulite on the thighs, “Perfect” is about finding and celebrating that beauty.  The leading champion of keeping R&B music in the conversation among music lovers, Tank has consistently released chart-topping hits like “When We,” “Dirty” and “I Don’t Think You’re Ready” off his recently released albums SAVAGEand ELEVATION respectively.  In addition to the release of this new EP, Tank is also tantalizing fans’ appetite via his socials with “Tank Tales” and “R&B Money LIVE.” Checkout our latest & exclusive interview Tank now: